Thursday, August 04, 2005

bridge views

Erasmus bridge:

from the Northern quai (Boompjes)
linking the historically older Northern half of the city
to the relatively newer Southern half

looking out from the bridge to the West towards the harbour
on the left some flats on the outer edge of the Katendrecht peninsula, located between the two halves of the city

to the very right the Euromast
an icon of the city built right after WW II

beginnings of the Northern half of the city
a street named Boompjes (little trees)
with tourist boat rushing by

further east, to the right with Noordereiland
in the background the red Willem's bridge

a look to the far away Queen's bridge

the Willem's bridge

Willem's brigde:
seen from the Northern quai

a view to the West into the harbour,
with the Euromast in the background at the very right

Queen's bridge
no longer in use
formerly for train-traffic

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